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Located in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, the HAVANA PALACE HOTEL combines comfort, quality and modernity in two units to better serve its guests. Known worldwide as the "Land of Zebu," Uberaba also has its charms in its beautiful churches scattered around the seven hills of the city.

Despite not being the hometown of Chico Xavier, it was also in Uberaba that the medium has gained notoriety as the largest spiritualism name in Brazil and every year attracts thousands of tourists who visit the House of Prayer, where Chico used to meet and receive more than 500 people a week. Also visit the Museum Chico Xavier, the Library and the Refectory, which also bear his name. A place also well visited is the tomb of the medium, who died in 2002 at St. John the Baptist Cemetery.

Another tourist attraction is the Peirópolis Museum, whose main attraction is the rich collection of fossils of dinosaurs and other vertebrates. It also has explanatory panels about the evolution of life and dioramas that reconstruct the scenarios of life and the animals and plants that inhabited the region of Uberaba for millions of years. It is installed in the building of the old railway station Peirópolis, built in 1889, in English style.

To take advantage of this welcoming city, the best option is the HAVANA PALACE HOTEL. Located in the neighborhood São Benedito, they offer easy access to central trade, Shopping Uberaba, the ABCZ - Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders and airport.

Whether for business or pleasure, guests of the two units HAVANA PALACE HOTEL are supported by our main job, which is to ensure an impeccable service, warm atmosphere and affordable.

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